launches PhotoStamps for Tiger

“ today announced the launch of PhotoStamps for Mac OS X Tiger. PhotoStamps, the popular form of postage that lets consumers turn their digital photos, designs or images into valid U.S. postage, is now available as a standalone application that integrates the design and order process with images in the users’ iPhoto library. PhotoStamps can be used as regular postage to send letters, postcards or packages and are currently available for the most common mail rates in denominations ranging from US$0.23 to $3.85. Each sheet includes 20 individual PhotoStamps. PhotoStamps will be available later this month.”

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I noticed the PhotoStamps site says no business advertising, and no black & white. I was curious about this so I asked them this question…

“…I have a question about content. Your help section states “we are unable to accept images that may be construed as business advertising or notices”. It later says to consult the ‘terms and conditions’. I consulted that page, but I didn’t see any other information about business. I was wondering if it’s possible to put my company logo on a stamp? Is that considered advertising? Also, I noticed that you do not allow black and white photographs. Why is that? Thanks.”

Here is the reply I received from PhotoStamps…

“Thank you for your query and we appreciate your interest in PhotoStamps! While we are not accepting business logos, club logos, logos for non-profit organizations, personal logos, notices (such as for houses for sale), or advertising images at this time we do hope to offer this capability in the future. We apologize if this causes you any inconvenience!

-white images are a category that have proven to be a high-risk area for notorious images, and as such we are currently unable to accept them.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

UPDATE: A reader emailed me some interesting info about some of the other restrictions / fine print in the PhotoStamps service. I won’t go over them all here, for fear of getting sued by for talking trash, but if you plan on using the service, I recommend reading the terms and conditions carefully.

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