ColorMatch 5K

ColorMatch 5k

Ever need a tool to help you figure out the perfect color pallet to compliment your client’s logo color? Well here is it… It’s ColorMatch 5K, a free online utility for determining complimentary colors.

ColorMatch 5K was developed by Kim Jensen and submitted to a Danish web competition in 2001. The goal was to make something useful in under 5kb of code. ColorMatch won the competition.


Kim has since developed a much more powerful version called ColorBlender. It’s a lot more flexible, but unfortunately it seems to be broken if you are using Safari 2.0. I think it’s a javascipt bug in Safari. It seems to work fine in Firefox.

Well done Kim!

UPDATE (6.12.05): ColorBlender does work in Safari 2.0. It turned out to be a conflict with a third-party addon I had installed called WebDevAdditions. If you’re having problems, try either uninstalling WebDevAdditions, or upgrading it if a patch is available.

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