Before and After Magazine

Before and After

If you are unfamiliar with Before and After Magazine, here is a blurb from their site…

“Before & After magazine has been sharing its practical approach to graphic design since 1990. Because our modern world has made designers of us all (ready or not), Before & After is dedicated to making graphic design understandable, useful and even fun for everyone.”

The site is currently offering 3 issues as free downloads (PDF). The interesting thing about the PDFs is they are full-screen interactive “presentations”. I didn’t even know you could do that with PDFs. There is just one catch, to fully utilize the interactivity you must open them in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. If you open them in Apple’s Preview 3 (shipping with Tiger) you only get some of the interactivity and it’s a little buggy. If you open them in previous versions of Preview you don’t get any of the interactivity.

Try it for yourself. Download the PDF files and try opening them in the different apps to see the difference. I personally think if Apple is going to supply a PDF viewer with it’s operating system it has to give the same features as Adobe Reader, otherwise they are just making things difficult for the people who develop the documents.

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