iGuy turns iPod into posable toy

iGuy iPod Protector

“Speck Products on Thursday introduced the iGuy, a bendable, posable case for Apple’s iPod that serves as both a protective cover and a toy. It’s a white, rubberized case that sports arms that bend to pose, legs that can fold and stretch and a removable screen protector.

The iGuy is made of soft silicone material and includes a cutout for the earbuds, remote and hold switch, and can be made to “sit” on a dock to recharge or sync the iPod. The iGuy works with all fourth-generation (Click Wheel) iPods, as well as iPod photos, and costs US$34.95. A mini iGuy for iPod minis is in the works, and coming this June, according to Speck.”

[ Republished from MacCentral ]

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