palmOne, the company formerly known as Palm, will become Palm once more


“So palmOne appears to be stealing Prince’s moves on this and will now be shedding the palmOne moniker in favor of a return to a simpler, long-ago time in which they were still just Palm. They’re forking over $30 million to buy out PalmSource’s 55 percent share of the Palm Trademark Holding Company, to be paid out over 3.5 years. PalmSource will retain rights to the PalmSource name and concurrently develop a new brand identity over the next four years (they’re gonna be busy). Palm, nee palmOne nee Palm, will be getting a new logo and design treatment, and all products launched from this fall onward will be branded under the monikor Palm. They’ve also renewed the Palm OS license from PalmSource until 2009, so will continue to develop and market mobile devices based on the Palm OS.”

[ Republished from Engadget ]

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