Rocky Point Restaurant

Rocky Point Restaurant

We were both off on Monday, so we decided to take a little drive down to Big Sur. We followed the coast all the way down. There are some truly spectacular beaches on that drive.

On the way down we stumbled upon the Rocky Point Restaurant. It’s an awesome place. The have a large outdoor patio, and the view simply can’t be beat. They are located about 10 miles south of Carmel (on highway 1), and are open for lunch and dinner. There isn’t really much else around them, and the sign sneaks up on you fast, so you may drive right by it and have to turn around (we did).

If you’re down in that area, I highly recommend stopping in.

What NOT to do during a fire alarm

YBL Fire

What do you do if there is a fire in your building?

1. Freak out and jump to your death.
2. Calmly exit the building.
3. Sit on your balcony and drink coffee.

Apparently, this genius thought the answer was #3, because that’s exactly what he did when the fire alarm went off in our building early this morning. While the rest of us calmly exited the building, he decided it was time for a cappuccino. Fortunately, the guy was very lucky, this time. It was a false alarm. A fire-sprinkler broke in one of the units setting off the alarm, and flooding several units.

We were actually very lucky too. The broken sprinkler was in the unit almost directly across the hall from us. We’re really fortunate not to have any water damage. We feel really bad for our neighbors, it’s quite a mess over there.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday One Digital Life! That’s right, I started this site exactly one year ago today. For it’s birthday I planned to give it some upgrades, and a new suit. But of course I’m a little late, as I am with all birthdays.

I did manage to get Apache, MySQL, PHP, and WordPress running on my local machine so I can test One Digital Life 2.0 without making it live. If you’re interested in setting these things up on your machine (Mac OS X), I highly recommend this tutorial. A couple of days ago when I did it, the tutorial was geared towards Panther, but it has since been updated to include Tiger.

I did have one hang-up. All of my individual pieces seem to be working properly, but they wouldn’t talk to each other very well. I ended up having to uninstall MySQL 4.1.12 and going back to 4.0.24. I started a thread on the WordPress site detailing my troubles. Hopefully it will help someone else with the same problem.

Anyway, stay tuned to the site because I hope to have 2.0 up and running in the relatively near future.

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle

5 Stars

Tonight we saw Kung Fu Hustle. It was AWESOME! This one is definitely a must see. It has subtitles, but it’s well worth the read. Check out the trailer and decide for yourself. But if this is playing in your area, I highly recommend seeing it before it’s too late. I actually laughed out loud, which doesn’t happen very often.

Here’s the review from the SF Chronicle…

“This martial-arts spoof is destined to be the next “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” — a subtitled movie for people who don’t do subtitles. You don’t need to follow the words to enjoy the mayhem. In addition to starring as a wannabe gangster in pre-revolutionary China, Stephen Chow is the movie’s director, producer and co-writer. He’s obviously besotted with American cinema, borrowing from wildly divergent sources such as “Pulp Fiction” and “Top Hat.” Gang members actually break into a little soft shoe, dressed in top hats that would do Fred Astaire proud. It’s all incredibly silly but great fun.”

iGuy turns iPod into posable toy

iGuy iPod Protector

“Speck Products on Thursday introduced the iGuy, a bendable, posable case for Apple’s iPod that serves as both a protective cover and a toy. It’s a white, rubberized case that sports arms that bend to pose, legs that can fold and stretch and a removable screen protector.

The iGuy is made of soft silicone material and includes a cutout for the earbuds, remote and hold switch, and can be made to “sit” on a dock to recharge or sync the iPod. The iGuy works with all fourth-generation (Click Wheel) iPods, as well as iPod photos, and costs US$34.95. A mini iGuy for iPod minis is in the works, and coming this June, according to Speck.”

[ Republished from MacCentral ]

Survey: ‘Apple Employees Remain Optimistic’

“New York research firm Vault published a survey of Apple employees yesterday, who said that they were “optimistic” about the company’s future, but concerned over “micromanagement and excessive turnover.” Says a former customer solutions specialist, “The business of the company is doing great especially with the iPod and their innovative designs. However just as any large corporation the large scale structure, the organization gets lost at the lower levels. The micromanagement needs to be but to a minimum and something needs to be done to increase retention and lower the turnover rate which is substantial.” More excerpts from the survey are available from the Web site.”

[ Republished from MacMinute ]

Intel CEO endorses Macs as more secure?

“Intel CEO endorses Macs as more secure? The Register reports that Intel’s CEO made an unexpected recommendation of the Macintosh platform has a haven of security in a vulnerable Windows world. ‘New Intel CEO Paul Otellini has flashed a level of marketing savvy unseen with his predecessor by making the unusual suggestion that consumers by Apple’s Mac computers if they wish to avoid immediate security risks. Confused? You’re not alone. Otellini had attendees of a Wall Street Journal technology conference in Carlsbad, California scratching their silicon this week, as they puzzled through his pro-Mac statements.’More…

[ Republished from MacFixIt ]

Western Digital’s NetCenter 320GB network drive

Western Digital NetCenter

“Western Digital is taking pre-orders for the NetCenter, a new 320GB network drive that you plug into your router (over Ethernet) so that it can be accessed by anyone on your home network (two obvious applications: file backup and serving audio and video files to other computers or digital media adapters in your house). No built-in WiFi, but we’ll live. Should start shipping early next month.”

[ Republished from Engadget ]