Photoshop CS2: Problems with Mac OS X 10.2.8; Troubleshooting suggestions from Adobe

Photoshop CS2: Problems with Mac OS X 10.2.8; Troubleshooting suggestions from Adobe:
“Problems with Mac OS X 10.2.8 MacFixIt reader John Koskinski reports some issues with Photoshop CS 2.0 when running under Mac OS X 10.2.8.

Note that Adobe’s system requirements state that Mac OS X 10.2.8 should be compatible with the new Photoshop release.

John writes:
“I received my upgrade on 4-23 It gave me warnings about using 10.2.8 when I installed it (Some features will be disabled). The Bridge is cool. After multiple crashes, I am reverting back to CS for now.

Adobe Troubleshooting document Adobe has now published a Knowledge Base article offering some troubleshooting suggestions for Adobe Photoshop CS 2.0 under Mac OS X.

Of particular interest is are recommendation that users delete previously installed application files before attempting the Adobe Photoshop CS 2.0 install.

Adobe says:
‘Files that are installed during a failed installation take up hard disk space and can cause problems the next time you run the installer. If an attempt to install Adobe Photoshop CS2 fails, check for any files that did install and then delete them. If you attempt to reinstall Adobe Photoshop CS2 without first deleting these files, the installer may not be able to overwrite the existing files and the hard disk may not have enough free space for the entire application.”

Other suggestions include:
Install Adobe Photoshop CS2 with the Login Items disabled for the user account
Reinstall Adobe Photoshop CS2 from within a new user account.
Remove fonts from the Fonts folder in the Library folder before installing Adobe Photoshop CS2.”

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