Get Gmail accounts without an invite


Have you always wanted your own Gmail account? Were you one of the lucky few that google invited to participate? No? Me neither, but that’s no problem at all. You too can have your very own Gmail account.

The good folks over at have gone and designed an automatic GMail invite spooler.

“People with available invites send them to the spooler’s address (, and it automatically adds them to an available pool. People who need addresses can then get invites from this pool, as necessary.

It’s a good place to dump those excess invites, and anybody who needs a GMail invite can pick one up there, easily. Saves time for everybody, really.”

I’ve tried this and it actually works!

UPDATE (8.02.05): Look slike Google squashed the service. There is a message on the site that says it was discontinued on June 7th, 2005. Oh well, all good things must end I suppose.

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