NetNewsWire & MarsEdit

NetNewsWire & MarsEdit

If you come to this site very often, you may have noticed that sometimes I have much more content reposted from other sites, than content I have written myself. That’s because a while back I started using NetNewsWire & MarsEdit. They are two great little apps made by ranchero software.

NetNewsWire is an app for reading / subscribing to news feeds. I use it to monitor all the sites I like to keep track of. MarsEdit is a tool I use to post stories to my blog. The two apps work very well together. Any news that comes into NetNewsWire can easily be republished to my blog using MarsEdit. Since it’s basically a click of a button, I sometimes find myself re-posting more stories from other sites (always with credit of course).

As a brief side note, I’d also like to mention Bryan Bell, he designed the application icons. I think he does great work.

I highly recommend these two apps. I think they’re great!

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