Abandoned Apple Store

Abandoned Apple Store

Abandoned Apple Store:
“Reader Mark M. found an abandoned Apple store in Kuwait and took several pictures of the peeling paint and dusty enterior.

The store — frozen in the late 1990s — is largely intact. Think Different posters still adorn the windows, and software boxes sit on the shelves.

Mark writes:
‘I used to pass by this store back when I was still in highschool. I used to admire the macs they had on display and always beg my parents to buy me one.. which they never did.

Surprisingly the store hasn’t changed much.

It was freaky checking out the place from the outside. It’s as if the shop was stuck in its own time-zone. The shop seems to have been closed ages ago. A thick layer of dust sits on top of everything. What struck me the most though were the Think Different banners. They’re gorgeous and seeing them in the store window gathering dust and being unappreciated pissed me off.

I tried looking for the shop number so I could call maybe the main office and ask if I could have the banners but I couldn’t find anything, only a note saying that i should go to the 1st floor of the building for the Apple workshop. The main building door was locked though and the whole place seemed abandoned. Its as if they building was going to get demolished soon.. like the other old building in the area. It would be a real shame if they threw these banners away…

I really want these banners!’

[ Via Cult of Mac ]

Apple asks dealers to return iPod photo models

Apple asks dealers to return iPod photo models:
“Following a slew of reports which indicate that changes are on the way to Apple’s iPod product line, multiple sources say Apple has requested some dealers return their stock of iPod photo players (both 40GB and 60GB) to the company’s supply depots. No further instructions were provided to the dealers. Apple also made the same request in regards to the U2 iPod Special Edition. Furthermore, AppleInsider forum members note that their local Apple stores are curiously lacking iPod photos from their planograms. iPod models were previously in good supply. Earlier today, it was also noted that the Apple online store had pushed back wait times of both iPod photo models. Meanwhile, an overseas Motorola product manager let it slip that Apple will soon introduce an iPod with Bluetooth wireless capabilities.”

[ Via AppleInsider ]



Last night we went out to eat at Butterfly. It was kind of a late birthday (for Anne Marie) and valentines day celebration. I was working pretty hard on those days and we didn’t really get a chance to go out.

Neither of us had been there before. It was a pretty nice place. I would go back again. The “Kalua Pig with Butter Lettuce Cups and Hoisin Barbecue Dipping Sauce” appetizer was yummy. It’s also pretty reasonably priced, at least by San Francisco standards.

I found a lot of info about San Francisco restaurants on this website.


bliss prints: online photo service

The guy who runs projectzero, the company who hired me to do the southcorp movies, is starting a new venture called blissprints. It’s an online photo service. Basically, you buy disposable cameras from bliss for your wedding, family reunion, corporate event, etc…, distribute them to all your guests and take all the pictures you like. Then, you return the cameras to bliss and they develop the film, scan the images, and create online photo albums. You and your guests can then go on the site and order prints, books, and video CDs from any / all of the cameras used.

It’s pretty cool, you should check them out.

iPod mini update imminent

iPod mini

If you’re about to buy a new iPod mini, you may want to wait a week or two. All reports point to Apple updating the mini line very soon. The mini currently has a capacity of 4GB, more than likely they will only be bumping it to 5GB, but hey… a gig is a gig.

Update: There is a new rumor that speculates the upcomming iPod mini may have a color screen. We’ll see what happens.

7th Annual Los Dos Molinos Hike

7th Annual Los Dos Molinos Hike

It’s that time of year again. Next Saturday (2/26) is the 7th Annual Los Dos Molinos Hike. A group of us hike from our friends house, over South Mountain, to Los Dos Molinos… the best mexican food restaurant (& margaritas) in Phoenix. It takes about 5 hours to complete the hike. We arrive at Los Dos about 5:30pm and proceed to stuff our faces, and drink ourselves silly. Last year I made some shirts to commemorate the event, and I did that again this year. Although, I was a bit late this year… sorry everybody.

If you’re going on the hike, you can get this year’s shirts here…

While you’re at it, don’t forget to buy your official one digital life shirt too :)

More Southcorp

Southcorp Wines DVD

Great news! Southcorp was so happy with the movies I did for their annual meeting, that they had me repurpose the movies into a promotional DVD handout. I’m hoping they become a regular client. :)

Southcorp Movies

So I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve just wrapped up a couple of big projects. The biggest was for Southcorp, an Australian wine company. The project was to produce 7 movies, put to DVD, for their Annual National Sales Meeting. The end-client was Southcorp, but I was actually working for a local company called projectzero. They found me on Craig’s List, and hired me (paul burd design) to do the project.

Even though this project was incredibly rushed, it was a great project to work on, and I am really happy with the results. It was one of the first big projects that I was given almost compete freedom from start to finish. Projectzero pretty much wanted me to pick up the ball and run with it… from concept to completion.

Here are 3 of the movies. They’re the ones that I like the best.

the Little Penguin Lindemans - Picture Yourself in People Penfolds - The Rewards of Patience

the Little Penguin
3MB QuickTime

6MB QuickTime

22MB QuickTime

Evolution Apple

evolution Apple hardware chart

I came across this cool chart of Apple hardware from over the years. Click the image to get the large view.