Southcorp Movies

So I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve just wrapped up a couple of big projects. The biggest was for Southcorp, an Australian wine company. The project was to produce 7 movies, put to DVD, for their Annual National Sales Meeting. The end-client was Southcorp, but I was actually working for a local company called projectzero. They found me on Craig’s List, and hired me (paul burd design) to do the project.

Even though this project was incredibly rushed, it was a great project to work on, and I am really happy with the results. It was one of the first big projects that I was given almost compete freedom from start to finish. Projectzero pretty much wanted me to pick up the ball and run with it… from concept to completion.

Here are 3 of the movies. They’re the ones that I like the best.

the Little Penguin Lindemans - Picture Yourself in People Penfolds - The Rewards of Patience

the Little Penguin
3MB QuickTime

6MB QuickTime

22MB QuickTime

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