Entourage Font Issue Resolved

Since the day I installed Microsoft Entourage 2004 I’ve been having a strange problem with text in certain fields being drawn with the wrong font, and it being right-justified. It’s been extremely annoying because it makes certain fields very difficult to use / read. I’ve scoured all the discussions I could find on-line and discovered that this is not an isolated issue, others were having this same problem. People on the forums had determined that the app behaved normally until an email was selected that contained complex HTML. Once you displayed that message, the app would display buggy text until you relaunch it.

Microsoft has been no help at all. They could offer no explanation as to why this was happening, or when it would be fixed.

Thankfully I received an email the other day from a guy named James. He had seen one of my posts about this and contacted me to give me the answer I was looking for. He had the same problem, and discover the solution. Now he’s actively trying to spread the word… good for you James, it’s appreciated.

Email from James…
“Google pointed me to your blog as citing the problem I just found a solution to, and am doing my best to spread around. After months of suffering with the Entourage right justify bug, I finally diagnosed the conflict that was causing it, thanks to an Archive and Install with a fresh system. The problem reappeared when I loaded the Shutterfly Internet Plug-Ins. Once I removed them from the Library>Internet Plug-Ins folder, the problem went away- 100% repeatable. If you have these Plug Ins, I recommend you try removing them, or any other suspect Plug Ins – it seems they affect the html rendering engine used by Entourage. I hope this helps.”

I removed the Shutterfly plugins, and sure enough the problem is solved. Thanks James!

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