iPod / iTunes Sales

Via MacMinute… “At this morning’s Macworld Expo keynote, Apple CEO Steve Jobs disclosed that more than 4.5 million iPods were sold in the December quarter–500 percent growth year over year. The total number of iPods sold to date is now at over 10 million units, with 8.2 million iPods being sold in 2004 alone. Jobs said the 10 millionth iPod was sold on December 16, 2004. Jobs also announced that more than 230 million songs have been purchased and downloaded from the iTunes Music Store worldwide since it was launched in April 2003. He said that Apple is now selling approximately 1.25 million songs a day and is on pace to sell almost half a billion songs a year. Jobs also noted that iTunes still holds a 70 percent share of the digital music market, and that over 1 million pre-paid iTunes cards have been sold.”

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