Mac Media Center project launches

Apple Mac mini

Mac Media Center project launches:
“Everyone’s been asking the question, but no one has the definitive answer: can the Mac mini become a viable media center? We did our part with this week’s How-To, but some smart peeps in the UK have put together the Mac Media Center Project, a consortium hell-bent on coming up with the ultimate Mac mini media center solution. They already have links for audio and video connections at their site. However, the group also plans to develop applications to tie it all together. They’re looking at things like the Xbox Media Center dashboards that have been going around in hacking circles for a few years as models.”

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WiFiTunes – Wirelessly stream from iTunes to your Pocket PC


WiFiTunes – Wirelessly stream from iTunes to your Pocket PC:
“The software itself is still technically in alpha (which means install at your own risk, sucka), but Aspecto Software is showing off WiFiTunes, a new application that’ll let you wirelessly stream songs from iTunes to your WiFi-enabled Pocket PC. Only lets you stream MP3s at the moment (they’re working on support for AACs)”

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Mac mini SuperDrive BTO change a typo, says Apple

Apple Mac mini

Mac mini SuperDrive BTO change a typo, says Apple:
“Yesterday it appeared that Apple’s online store was offering Mac mini buyers an 8x SuperDrive build-to-order (BTO) option for the same price as a 4x SuperDrive upgrade previously offered. That upgrade was changed back to 4x today — but the 8x upgrade was nothing more than a typographical error, according to Apple.”

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Apple Predictions

Apple Logo

So I have a couple of predictions about Apple’s near future. Based on everything I’ve been reading about Apple dealers clearing out their stock of Powerbooks, I think we’re going to see an updated version of the Powerbook announced anytime now, possibly iBooks as well. I’m not sure if the Powerbook will be sporting a G5 or not though. That may be a little optimistic

The second thing I think we may be seeing in the relatively near future is a slight redesign of the Apple look. I’ve noticed that the new iLife, and iWork suites have a distinct look to their packaging (and CD-ROM) that is unique when compared to other Apple products. Nothing radical, but they’ve introduced a little more color, and a little more whimsey into the design. I also keep my eye on the Apple job board, and they have been advertising more web jobs lately, including one position entitled “fuel the future of”. I think we may be seeing a new look for the site in the near future.

Anyway, these are just my personal predictions. We’ll see if they come true.

Apple drops BTO Mac mini prices

Apple Mac mini

Apple drops BTO Mac mini prices:
“Apple has quietly cut prices on build-to-order (BTO) components for its new Mac mini. The company is now offering the Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme wireless option for US$99 (was $129), the 1GB DDR333 SDRAM upgrade for $325 (was $475), and the 80GB ultra ATA hard drive upgrade for $50 (was $80). Apple is also now listing an 8x SuperDrive option instead of the previous 4x model for the same $100 cost.”

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Google takes on video

Google Video

Google takes on video:
“Never ones to make a big stink of what’s next (yeah, right), Google’s gone and released under the radar their latest in their never ending string of forever-in-beta services, Google Video. The premise: there’s a lot of information on TV that’s just passing into the ether; Google, being in the biz of indexing (and commoditizing) all information in the world ever period, did something so simple and sensible we’re surprised it’s never been done before: set up a bunch of machines to capture and index all the closed captioning data on the line (and grab a few screen shots along the way for context). Boom, instant full-TV index. And what’s more, they’re making vague allusions to a future feature upgrade to just let you just watch the thing. Google, we’re very impressed. Scared, and impressed.”

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Buy your Mac a drink: The Macintosh turns 21

Original Apple Macintosh

Buy your Mac a drink: The Macintosh turns 21:
“In celebration of the 21st birthday of the Mac, a German Mac site has posted a video [mirror] from Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ public introduction of the first Macintosh on January 24, 1984. ‘Mac fans will definitely want to check this one out,’ writes CNET’s Ina Fried. ‘And yes, it’s OK to get a little choked up looking at the first images of MacPaint and MacWrite popping up as the motivational theme from ‘Chariots of Fire’ plays in the background. You can hear the Mac say its first words, albeit with a heavy digital accent. In its first speech, the Mac even pokes fun at IBM, saying, ‘Never trust a computer you can’t lift,’ before handing things back to Jobs, who the Mac says has been like a father.”

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If you have trouble getting through to the links above, you can click here to load the video from my site. It’s a 21MB QuickTime file.

Johnny Carson: 1925 – 2005

Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson, the former host of NBC’s Tonight Show, died on Sunday at the age of 79 after losing a battle with the respiratory disease emphysema.

Rest in Peace Johnny. You will be missed.