Mariner intros ‘fridge poetry’ app Desktop Poet

Mariner intros ‘fridge poetry’ app Desktop Poet: “Minneapolis, Minn.-based Mariner Software on Friday released Desktop Poet, a new application described as ‘fridge poetry for the desktop of the Macintosh.’ The software presents you with hundreds of word tiles that you can assemble into sentences or phrases, helping you brainstorm ideas, projects, poems, fiction or other creative endeavors. Individual tiles can include more than one word, and you can click on words to learn their definitions or view synonyms that you can choose from for a replacement. You can also create new tiles as well as adjust preferences that control the tiles’ opacity, your choice of ‘virtual fridge,’ text font and more. Pricing is US$19.95 and Mac OS X v10.2 is required.”

[ Via MacCentral ]

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