Apple Battey Safety Recall

iBook Battery Safety Recall

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other international safety authorities, Apple is voluntarily recalling certain lithium ion rechargeable batteries that were sold worldwide from January 2004 through August 2004 for use with 15-inch PowerBook G4 (Aluminum) notebook computers. more…

Not so White Walls- Interactive Wallpaper

Interactive Wallpaper

from… Interaction Ivrea: Gallery: Not so White Walls

“Stop looking at your TV and Mobile screen! Look at your walls instead. The surface of the wallpaper can display text and images according to the input received from a computer.The wallpaper works like a low resolution and low refresh rate display, giving you the possibility to change patterns and contents on your walls. For example you can read your emails or SMS, but also view the images taken with your mobile phone camera. The function is that of decorating our home environments in a new and constantly changing way. In productive terms, it is interesting to note that this project started like a thesis project and then developed in a real commercial product. At the exhibition will be shown a new re-engineered version.
Project by Dario Buzzini (Italy)”

4 more years ???

Election Map from CNN

I can’t beleive this is happening. What the hell is wrong with you people? How is it that this man is being reelected? What kind of nation are we?

It has been such a dissapointing morning. We had such high hopes when we voted yesterday. I feel like moving to Canada.

Altoids iPod Battery

Altoids iPod Battery Pack

I came across this little tutorial on how to make a reserve battery pack for an iPod, using an Altoids tin, 2 nine volt batteries, and 2 AA batteris. The author says it gives an additionl 10 hours of battery life. Looks pretty cool.

We Voted !

Me and AMK Voting

Well, we did it. For the first time ever, we voted. Neither of us had ever voted before. When I registered I thought about voting absentee, but I wanted to have the full experience, on my first time. I would have to say that next time around, if they haven’t developed online voting, I will vote absentee. It wasn’t too bad because we arrived early, but the system could use some improvement. The three elderly women who were running the station were just a little blind… and deaf… and couldn’t speak english all that well. The lines were just moving a little slower than they should have been. People who were there to vote were offering to help find names in the lists. I will give them kudos for volunteering their time though. Thank you ladies.

It was kind of a bummer, they didn’t have any “I Voted” stickers. I really wanted one of those.

Daylight Savings

Yesterday we rolled our clocks back 1 hour. Being from Arizona I’ve never had to do this before. I don’t think I really like this whole daylight savings thing. It was cool gaining an hour yesterday, but now it’s dark at 5:30pm. That sucks! I’m not actually sure if we went on, or off daylight savings.