Honeywell project awarded to Paul Burd Design

Paul Burd Design is awarded Honeywell video attract loop project

Congratulate me, I (paul burd design) have been awarded a new project by Honeywell. It’s nothing too big, a video attract loop for a show they are attending in October. I did some work for Honeywell while working for my old company in Phoenix. They liked my work, so when they found out I left the company and moved to San Francisco, they sought me out. I’ll be starting the project next week.

a camera’s last sight

Bridge Explods killing camera

Don Frazier, a newspaper photographer in Missouri accidentally positioned one of his digital cameras a little too close in attempt to photograph a bridge that was being demolished. The explosion destroyed the camera, but his CompactFlash memory card managed to survive the blast with all of its photos completely intact, including the shot above, which was taken milliseconds before impact.

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The Blue Space: A pedal-powered submarine

Blue Space Pedal Powered Submarine

The research laboratory of the Saint-Petersburg State Marine Engineering University, in Russia, has created Blue Space, a “Dry Multi-Role Underwater Vehicle with Muscle Drive” which accomodates 2 persons. I am assuming by “muscle drive” they mean pedal-powered.

The estimated marketing price of the vehicle, depending on its features is 19,000 USD.

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