Off to Wisconsin

Well, I’ve wrapped up all my active jobs and we are off to Wisconsin for a mini vacation. So, there won’t be any new blog entries until at least Tuesday (10/5). Everybody have a good weekend…

The Forgotten

The Forgotten

2 Stars

Yesterday we saw The Forgotten. This movie was, in a word… forgetful. I can’t really say it was a bad movie, because I didn’t hate it. I just didn’t care one way or the other. I was totally uninterested. The movie introduced all kinds of unanswered questions, but when it ended, I didn’t really care about getting the answers. It was rather slow, and the story never really came together. I didn’t walk out of the movie thinking it sucked… I actually wasn’t thinking about it at all. The only real plus for this movie was it did make me jump in a couple of spots. If you’re desperate to see a movie, and there is nothing else playing, then see this one. Otherwise, you might as well skip it.

Google Store ?

The Google Store

So I was surfing around tonight, and I came across a reference to a “Google Store”. I thought to myself… Is there a Google store? Sure enough… there is. The URL is They sell everything from beach towells to lava lamps. Who knew?

One Digital Life gets written up on “3-Blogs A Day”

My blog got some recognition this past Monday from 3-Blogs A Day, a blog maintained by “FRYGUY”. The site’s tag-line is “Exposing the Blogosphere, 3 Blogs at a Time”. I think that explains his site pretty well, you should check it out. The article had some very nice things to say…

“One Digital Life is the weblog and site of multimedia designer Paul Burd. As the name suggests most of what comprises the content of this blog relates the digital life, technology, and what have you. Mr. Burd however does have a rather good panaché for solid and to-the-point movie reviews that I enjoyed quite a bit. Paul certainly has a good eye for what is relevant in the realm of science and technology news, and most of his posts reflect that….”

Read the rest of the article at 3-Blogs A Day…

Sky Captian and the World of Tomorrow

Sky Captian and the World of Tomorrow

3.5 Stars

Tonight we saw Sky Captian and the World of Tomorrow. I am going to give something away in my review, so if you don’t want to know to much about the movie, you should stop reading now.

I’m giving Sky Captian 3.5 stars for visuals only. They were excellent. I thought they accurately captured the design of the 40’s. The film is very impressive looking. It’s worth seeing just for that. The story on the other hand is quite bad, and never really captured my interest. It was missing one very crucial element… there is no villian. We are lead to believe the existance of a villian named “Totenkopf”, but it turns out that he died 20 years before the start of the film. The evil doings are being carried out by an automated system he left running. So we, the audience, never really have anyone to root against. I think this film broke the cardinal rule of 40’s serials. There should have been an evil mastermind, plotting to take over the earth, who discloses his entire plan the Sky Captian… thinking he could never thwart his evil plans.

Other story oddities include…

1. Our heros visit the mythical valley of Shangri-La (eden), home of magical beings. Nothing happens there except they find an abandoned mine.

2. They drive by an ancient underwater city (presumably Atlantis), but they don’t even notice.

3. The end up on an island with home-made dinosaurs, but there is no explination as to why they (the dinos) are there.

On a side-note, I think the trailer is also a little misleading in that Angelina Jolie is only in the movie for about 5 minutes. She doesn’t really have much of a role. I never really got into this movie. If it wasn’t for the visuals, it would have been entirely waisted time.

Space Hippies take over the Enterprise

Star Trek Space Hippies

“Don’t let space hippies take over your ship”… That’s one of the first lessons they teach at Star Fleet Academy. I guess James Kirk was absent that day. Oh well, even though the hippies captured his ship, they also provided some groovy tunes.

Kirk is so stiff

Your are so stiff… Herbert
00:36, 3.1MB QuickTime

Spock invited to Jam

Spock invited to Jam
01:34, 9.4MB QuickTime

I am not Herbert

I am not Herbert
00:21, 1.9MB QuickTime

Big Jam Session

Big jam session
01:32, 11.4MB QuickTime

Herbert in the Hall

Herbert in the hall
00:21, 2.3MB QuickTime

Spock gets his Groove

Spock gets his groove
00:29, 3.1MB QuickTime


What is a “Herbert”
00:24, 1.7MB QuickTime


Temporal vs. Spacial view of time

Temporal vs. Spacial view of time

During a conversation the other night with anne marie, the subject of daylight saving time came up, because we’ll be switching in October. We weren’t sure how it will change, but we both though it would move forward. Interestingly, to me moving forward meant we would lose an hour, but to anne marie it meant we would gain an hour. Obviously our definitions of “moving forward” were different. I’ve dubbed the two views of time as “temporal” and “spacial”. The diagram above illustrates moving time forward by one hour for daylight savings. Both are technically moving forward, but have a completely opposite result, depending on weather you view time in a temporal, or spacial (object oriented) way. I find it very interesting that two people could be saying the exact same words, but with completely diffent intentions.

As it turns out… we’ll be going backwards, at least by my definition… and we will gain an hour in October when we stop observing daylight savings, Time was so much simpler in AZ.