Tragedy in our building

I’ve just learned that we’ve had a very unfortunate tragedy here at my building. Not us personally, but one of our new neighbors. Her dog fell to his death from her ninth floor balcony. I feel so bad for this woman. I’ve only met her and her dog once, but they both seemed really nice. She was talking about her dog and my dog being new friends. They only moved in about a week ago, and now her excitement about moving into the building will be forever replaced with the memory of her dogs death.

The woman was out, and she apparently left her patio door open. The dog must have gotten scared by a loud car horn… or something, and decided to go over the railing. I totally feel for this woman. I’m relatively new to our building too. My dog , Emmitt, has never been in an environment like this, he’s always had a yard and a doggy-door, so I’ve actually left our patio door open for him when I knew we were going to be out for a while… just incase he had to go the bathroom, I would have rather him go on the patio than in the house. We live on the seventh floor, so what happened to our neighbor could have happened to us. I had never thought Emmitt would go over the railing, it’s quite tall, but I’m sure this woman had thought the same thing. We won’t be leaving our door open anymore.

Our hearts go out to our neighbor…

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