Friends in Town

Todd, Steph, Paul, Anne Marie, Delia, Neil at LuLu's

So I took a few days off from blogging because we had some good friends in town from Phoenix. Luckily we were also able to get together with some other old friends that we haven’t seen in several years, from Berkeley. Our Phoenix friends were just here for the weekend, they’re now exploring the coast a bit down south of San Francisco.

Todd & Steph at Oakland Airport
Picking up Todd & Steph at the airport.

Lunch at Zanzibar
Lunch at Zanzibar.

Yerba Buena Garden
Hanging out at Yerba Buena Garden.

Delia's Garden
Delia’s Garden in Calistoga.

Lunch at Neil & Delia's
Lunch at Neil’s & Delia’s in Calistoga.

Breakfast at Luna
Breakfast at Luna, in the Castro… Great Place!

Cool Dogs
Some cool dogs we saw in the Castro.

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