Is anyone out there?

So when I look at the stats for my site, it appears as though I am getting a fair amount of traffic. But, since people rarely leave a comment on any of my posts, I’m not sure how accurate my stats are. Is anyone really visiting my site? Are you real or just phantoms generated by the server?

If you visit my site, please leave a comment… even if it’s just to say “Cool!”, or “you suck!”… that way I know people are really coming here. I am actually really curious on what people think about the topics I choose to post, and how they found my site.

The comment form does ask for your email address, but that is just an attempt to prevent spammers from using my comment system for their own gains (I hate spammers!). The system does NOT store your email address (it’s just emailed to me along with a copy of your comment)… your address will NOT be visable on your comment posted here, and I would NEVER give anyone any information about you. The worst thing that could happen is I may send you an email thanking you for your comment. Also, if you put your URL (URI) in the comment form, it will turn your name into a hot-link back to your site generating traffic for you.

So please, click that little “Speak Your Mind” link (at the bottom of each post), and leave me a comment. ~ Thanks! :)

7 thoughts on “Is anyone out there?”

  1. Hey! I’m Sree’s friend and I used to live in the Bay Area so he told me to stop by. I can totally relate to your experiences – even the dog stories. We lived in a second story with a balcony and never left our dog out for the very reason you mentioned (how sad). If you get a chance – go to Carmel – it’s the dog friendliest place on earth and Emmitt can run without a leash on the beach anytime. They also serve dogs at the restaurants (okay, so you have to sit outside, but no biggie) and allow them into the shops and hotels. Good site and great pics.

  2. Hi there. Love the site. I’m a late comer but I’m making up for it. I’ve come across it before but never took my time with it. I’ve started from the fist page and I’m slowly working my way through :)

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