Adobe Streamline for Mac OS X?

The return of Adobe Streamline

So, who remembers Adobe Streamline? It’s an application used to trace bitmapped graphics, into vector files. Adobe had seemingly forgotten about it. Streamline hasn’t been updated in a number of years. That’s a bummer for me, because there is no native OS X version. I refuse to run apps in classic.

Last night I was at a meeting of The Bay Area Motion Graphics user group to watch a demo of After Effect 6.5. I started talking to the Adobe rep who was giving the demo. The subject of Streamline came up. He said that when Adobe bought Streamline, it was written into the agreements that Adobe would not incorporate Streamline’s functionality into the other Adobe apps, nor would they try to reverse engineer Streamline, or anything like that for a period of 10 years. Well, that 10 years is up. The rep didn’t say that Adobe would be upgrading Streamline, but he did imply that we would be seeing Streamline’s functionality, built into another Adobe app. very soon. So no, there probably won’t be a Mac OS X version of Streamline, but it sounds like OS X will be getting Streamlines functionality back… Thank you Adobe!

By the way… The After Effects 6.5 demo was awesome! I want it!

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