The Sand, The Surf, & Deep Fried Twinkies ?

Deep Fried Twinkies in Santa Cruz, CA

We spent Sunday at the beach/boardwalk in Santa Cruz. I think this picture says it all.

Santa Cruz: Regulated Fun
Regulated Fun :(

Santa Cruz: The Beach
Santa Cruz Beach

me and anne marie on the beach
Me and anne marie on the beach

anne marie / boardwalk
Looking back at the boardwalk

I had to try a deep fried twinkie
You know I had to try one of these things… they’re grrrreat!

Deep Fried Twinkies: The secret recipe
Deep Fried Twinkies: dipped in gooey goodness.

anne marie and 'twinkie the kid'
anne marie and “Twinkie the Kid”

Santa Cruz Logride
We finished the day by riding the logride

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