The Hunger Site

The Hunger Site

So, some of you may have heard of The Hunger Site before. If not, I encourage you to follow the link below to learn more about it. Once you’re at the site, click the ‘Give Free Food’ button. I don’t think you can click more than once a day (it won’t count the extra clicks). It doesn’t cost you a thing.

While you are at the site, you have access to four other tabs (across the top) that do the same thing for other causes… Breast Cancer Site, Child Health Site, Rainforest Site, and Animal Rescue Site.

… from The Hunger Site’s ‘Common Questions’
How does the site work? Who pays for the food?
The site’s sponsors pay for your daily click. The sponsors purchase tiles on the Thank You page for a certain amount of time. The Hunger Site then tabulates the number of people who click during that time frame and bill the sponsor for the appropriate amount. The Hunger Site divides the monies between two leading hunger relief organizations: America’s Second Harvest and Mercy Corps.

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