Superstar USA

I’ve been seeing commercials for a new ‘American Idol’ like show on the WB called ‘Superstar USA’. Apparently they are holding additions like American Idol, but instead of booting the bad and keeping the good, they are booting the good and keeping the bad. The worse the singer, the more praise they get. Apparently it’s all just a big joke. They are pumping these people up… tellng them how great they are, promising fame and fortune. They even have rigged audiences for the ‘real’ performances. When it’s all over they will say… ha, ha you suck.

I think this is terrible. I feel really bad for these people. I don’t care for (or watch) American Idol, but given the choice, I would much rather have a show like that on TV, than one that is just cruel. I hope no one watches, and it’s gets cancelled immediatly.

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